man and woman


man and woman
Electro Soft Founder Jim Wallace with Ling on the day of her retirement.

The company recently celebrated the retirement of one of our best and longest employed staff members, Ling. A senior member of the cable assembly department, Ling was known for her attention to detail and her ability to assemble the most complicated cable assemblies for military and industrial clients.

Ling was known for keeping meticulous notes and making sure that she was clear on all instructions in order to meet the client’s needs. Sometimes, on the backs of drawings, you could see her notations in Chinese.


Ling kept neat and meticulous notes


Even her workstation was spotless.


Ling’s Workstation

Everyone was sad to see her go, but we were happy that she could spend her retirement spending time with her grandchildren. We wish Ling the best of luck in the future and to enjoy all that life has for her.